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Colours & Finishes

These colours & finishes are only available when ordering a bespoke, handmade item. 


Hand-Waxed Finish

Hand waxing wood in my opinion not only seals the timber but brings out the real beauty of the wood. It enhances the grain and makes it stand out and looks more natural.
A little more care is required with waxed wood and re waxing will be needed on an ongoing basis, but it is not difficult and does not take a long time, and continual re waxing enhances the colour or patina of the wood over time. I would always recommend using table mats, trivets and coasters to protect the finish of the table but if you do end up with a heat ring from a hot cup for example you are able to rub it down and wax it back up without much trouble.  


Varnished, Distressed Varnish Finish

Varnishing is an effective way of sealing timber and if looked after and care taken, like using mats, trivets and coasters and regular cleaning and buffing this finish should last along time. However, re-varnishing may be required in the future with outside furniture.
We use a satin finish varnish to give sheen to the surface without too much high shine as you would get with a gloss finish and this I feel mirrors a waxed finish more closely we then distress the varnish to give a more used and worn appearance that complements this style of furniture.
If a heat ring, mark or blemish appears on the wood due to missuse, it may be neccessary to have to strip the whole of the affected area and re varnish to bring it back to its original state, which could appear a daunting task to the experienced or an expensive one to the inexperienced.
Both finishes have their pros & cons I prefer the Waxed finish for beauty and look, but the Distressed varnished finish for lower maintainance and easier cleaning and authentic aged look....the choice is yours but remember which ever you choose you will have a stunning and beautiful piece of furniture for many years to come. 

Oiled Finish for Outdoor Use

Oiling gives a water resistant protection to the timber to allow you to use it outside. it leaves no oily residue once the oil has dried so will not come off on to your clothes, but fully protects the timber from the Irish weather.  We apply 3 coats of oil and furniture will require an additional coat yearly to keep up the protection.


All of our colours are created using non-toxic, no smell, water-based stains, to ensure safety for you and your family and to help the environment.


Natural Antique Pine


Light Oak Finish


Medium Oak Finish


Dark Oak Finish


Walnut Finish


White Ash Finish


Driftwood Grey

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