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Pan & Utensil Hangers or Rustic Hanging Plant Garden

As beautiful as it is utilitarian, this hanger is the centre of the kitchen, storing all of your pots and pans. Or for all the green thumbs, create an oasis, hanging all of your plants and herbs from a reclaimed wooden hanger on the steel hanging frame. Secured with metal chains supports. Pairs well with a reclaimed kitchen island or butcher block.

Pan/Utensil Hanger or Hanging Plant Holder

Reclaimed Pine with metal grid for hanging all of your necessary pots and pans. Or, turn it into an indoor herb garden, right above your cooking surface with all of your favourite garnishes at an arm's reach. 


Supplied with utensil hooks, ceiling hooks and chain. Utensils not included.

Standard sizes available


600x600x100 mm                           €260.00 

700x700x100 mm                           €290.00 

800x800x100 mm                           €320.00 


600x600x200 mm                           €295.00 

700x700x200 mm                           €335.00

800x800x200 mm                           €370.00

Can be made to your sizes and requirements please contact us for details.  
Shown here in 800mm x 500mm x 100mm and 800mm x 500mm x 200mm.
Both reclaimed pine with steel hanging frame & chain supports.
and 800mm x 500mm x 200mm.
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