Frequently Asked Questions

We're always available to chat via email or over the phone, but below are a few questions to help clarify what we offer at CCRF

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What does 'bespoke' mean?

When we talk about a bespoke Item, we mean an item that has been made specifically for you, or to your requirements. For example, a specific shape, color, or a specific size that is as individual as you are.


Is my furniture made from new kiln-dried wood?

No, most of our furniture is made from reclaimed wood (or locally sourced Irish timber), which means it could have come from almost anywhere and be any age from a few years old to many tens of years old. It could have come from inside or outside and be minimally distressed or very distressed.


It could be bone dry because it has spent its life inside away from the elements, or it could have a higher moisture content because it spent its life outside. Either way, your furniture will show the signs of age and use – some more than others.

As moisture content can sometimes be higher in some reclaimed wood, the furniture can take many years to dry out once the timber is brought inside and may experience some changes and require some care or minor maintenance.

Is reclaimed furniture maintenance-free? What should I expect? How do I care for it?

No furniture is completely maintenance-free and reclaimed furniture is no exception. You will be issued with a care leaflet when your furniture arrives to help you look after it but you must be aware that reclaimed furniture can take time to settle in a new environment and can show some changes until it does. This is nothing to worry about but something you need to be aware of and prepared for.

As the timber dries out you may notice changes to your piece of furniture. It may shrink, and cracks in the timber may become more prominent. Joints may open and you may see twisting or warping to certain areas. Knots can appear raised as the timber dries around them. This is not unusual, and in most cases enhances the look of the rustic reclaimed piece of furniture you first fell in love with. 

This does not happen in all cases but is more apparent where there is a sudden or constant change in increased temperature; a very warm house, near a radiator in a property with underfloor heating. These changes will eventually stop, and stabilise as the furniture naturally settles in its new surroundings and temperatures.

Reclaimed furniture is not for everyone and if you are not comfortable or prepared for the maintenance and changes your furniture may require or experience then it may not be for you. 

Some people want flat, smooth, colour matched, unblemished and generic factory-made furniture. This type of furniture has a place in today's society, but if you are buying one of our pieces, then you probably want something different than this style. Something handmade, reused, reclaimed with the character and a bespoke individuality that you and many other people can enjoy for many years to come. If so, then the small changes and maintenance may be a small price to pay for such a unique piece of furniture.

What does 'reclaimed' mean?

Reclaimed means that an item that has previously been used for a specific purpose and has reached the end of its life or usefulness and has been salvaged or saved to be used again in the same or a different role.

We reclaim wood from salvage yards, building or demolition sites; renovated buildings, boat & dockyards. In fact, we reclaim wood from anywhere that we can find items that we can rework and make into beautiful and useful items that can be used again.

Do I have to pay all the costs upfront?

No, but you may be asked to pay a deposit to secure an item or when asking us to manufacture a bespoke item for you.

If the item is being delivered through our own transport system, you can pay the balance or outstanding amount by paying Cash on Delivery (COD). If the item is being delivered by courier or post, then we will only ask for the balance or outstanding amount once the item is ready for dispatch.


You can, of course, collect the item yourself and pay once you have checked your purchase. 


How do I purchase an item? How do I pay?

To purchase any of our ready-made items, view our 'Off the Shelf' products and checkout.

To purchase an item, order an item, leave a deposit or pay a balance before delivery, just call us and we will be able to help you through the process. Or if you just want to ask us a question, call the number shown at the bottom of every page or visit the contact page to leave us a message. 


You can choose to pay by:

  • Credit or Debit Card

  • Paypal

  • Bank Transfer

  • Cash, if collecting, or a company-made delivery


Do you deliver?

Yes, we offer FREE local delivery & installation of your Item should you require it.

If you live further afield, we can organise a courier to collect and deliver the item. Or we can deliver ourselves and complete the installation; all of this can be organised for an additional agreed cost. 

Due to the size and weight of some larger items, the installation will be completed if on an accessible ground floor location. If possible, we will try to locate your items where required ourselves, but will sometimes require additional help from the purchaser to do this, we will advise you in advance if additional help is required to unload. We will be sure to allow time to organise any alternative help if necessary. If you are unable to help or if no additional help is available, we may only be able to deliver to the front door, garage, or to an accessible ground floor.

This service is available throughout Ireland; just ask us for a no-obligation quote, or you can collect yourself and we will supply the complimentary tea, coffee, and biscuits when you arrive.


What information do you need to make a bespoke or made-to-measure item?

To order a custom chest, please visit our 'Build Custom Chest' page and complete the form. For any other bespoke items, we will need your dimensions, height, width, length, colour, and finish required. If you are not sure, just reach out for advice. We will confirm these details with you to eliminate any mistakes or questions when manufacturing and so your Item arrives looking as you expect it to.