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Dining Table & Dining Sets with Benches

Table & Bench Heights
The standard overall height of each table will be 740mm +/- 20mm(28.5 inches) and the standard overall bench height will be 460mm +/- 20mm (18 inches)  unless a height change is requested or these dimensions are indicated as differing on a particular style . This is usually done when purchasing a table only and using your own seating. Each table or bench can be made upto your requested height for an additional small charge of €40 per table  & €20 per bench. There is no charge for a height reduction.
The height of the Mayo table & Benches may be higher depending upon the thickness of the table top 
as the legs are metal and not adjustable the overall height may differ .

Bench Upgrades
The prices shown below are for benches that are single in width, 220mm(8.5 inches). To upgrade to a double width bench, 400-420mm +/-20mm (17 inches) please add €45 for one bench or €80 for two.

Leitrim Rustic Farmhouse Table


Solid 35-40mm Reclaimed, distressed pine throughout, the top is made up of slimmer pieces of pine to give stability and minimise warping, but crafted to give a visible and chunky classic 60-65mm top with that sought after wide plank look. then mounted with a slimmer sub frame to enhance the overall feel.
With a solid 35-40mm recessed frame below the top, to add to that chunky solid look and feel.  Peg & rail support to base, pedestal legs with foot support. A truly heavy duty Farmhouse style table Ideal for kitchen or dining room setting.
The benches are crafted in the same way as the table and the overall effect is stunning and a real talking point.
 Proving to be our most popular farmhouse table by far for style, look and price. The colour below is a natural antique pine and distressed varnished. Shown with the optional increased size double width benches, single come as standard.

   PRODUCT         SIZE MM             TABLE ONLY          1 BENCH             2 BENCHES


      LR915            900x1500                 € 850.00               € 1050.00              € 1250.00

      LR918            900x1800                 € 890.00               € 1090.00              € 1290.00

      LR921            900x2100                 € 940.00               € 1140.00              € 1340.00



     LR1115           1100x1500               € 950.00               € 1150.00              € 1350.00

     LR1118           1100x1800               € 990.00               € 1190.00              € 1390.00

     LR1121           1100x2100               €1040.00              € 1240.00              € 1440.00




Other sizes available on request

Shown as 1800x1100mm in Natural Antique Pine, with peg & rail support bar and a visible 60mm distressed top with sub frame to add to the chunky look . Also shown as bespoke table with angles to opposite corners to allow better seating & easier access past the granite Island.  Medium/Dark oak finish waxed.  

Galway Farmhouse Table


Solid 35-40mm reclaimed distressed pine throughout the top is made up of slimmer pieces of reclaimed timber and crafted to give the much sought after look of wide planks. With 40-50mm thick Pedestal legs with spacing to center for that lighter less heavy look, box foot to balance the overall look. Recessed frame of 35-40mm below the solid distressed top.  A solid farmhouse style table with a lighter feel. 
The colour shown is natural antique pine with a hand waxed or distressed varnish finish. Shown with the increased size double width benches. Single benches come as standard.

   PRODUCT           SIZE MM         TABLE ONLY          1 BENCH                2 BENCHES


     GF915                900x1500            € 860.00                € 1000.00                   € 1140.00

     GF918                900x1800            € 950.00                € 1090.00                   € 1230.00

     GF921                900x2100            € 1010.00                € 1140.00                 € 1280.00




      GF1115               1100x1500          € 990.00               € 1170.00                   € 1320.00                 GF1118               1100x1800          € 1050.00             € 1230.00                   € 1380.00

      GF1121               1100x2100          € 1110.00             € 1290.00                   € 1440.00



                                                   Other sizes available on request


Shown above in 1800x1100mm in Natural Antique Pine with 30mm thick top and benches, as well as with 60mm thick top, Waterford and Open Style chairs.

Waterford Distressed With Box Pedestal

Solid reclaimed distressed Pine, the top is made up of narrower pieces of timber to give stability and minimise warping and crafted to give the much sought after look of wide planks to add to its character.  Overall thickness of 35-40mm top with chunky profile recessed frame of 35-40mm below for that ultra solid look of 70-80mm and with 50-60mm solid timber pedestal base support. Super heavy, this table is going nowhere except where you position it.
 Modern look and design but with traditional aged materials this table would look at home in kitchen or dining room. With hand distressing to enhance the timber this table will add character to any room. With box pedestal base nobody draws the short straw when seated and ends up with a leg. Looks great with benches and class with chairs. A showstopper, great value and proving to be a popular choice with our customers. 

   PRODUCT     SIZE MM           TABLE ONLY             1 BENCH                2 BENCHES

    WD915         900x1500               € 950.00                  € 1090.00                  € 1240.00

    WD918         900x1800               € 990.00                  € 1130.00                  € 1280.00

    WD921         900x2100               € 1040.00                € 1190.00                  € 1350.00



    WD1115       1100x1500            € 1050.00                   € 1200.00                  € 1350.00

    WD1118       1100x1800            € 1090.00                   € 1250.00                  € 1400.00

    WD1121       1100x2100            € 1140.00                   € 1300.00                  € 1450.00





Other sizes available on request

Waterford with bench and chair mix in Natural Antique Pine finish . Also shown in a  Walnut finish with matching open style chairs and double width benches.

Mayo Distressed Industrial Look

The Mayo is proving to be a very popular table not only for the home but also for the workplace. We have supplied these tables to cafes, restaurants and to retail shops as display tables for clothing and other items. Eye-catching and functional these tables are designed to bring together the beauty of the distressed timber and the raw strength of the distressed black painted rectangular steel leg frames. The table tops are available in the slimmer 35-40mm look with rails below to support the leg frame. Or in the chunkier style with a visible thickness of a 60-65mm for a heavier look all manufactured in slimmer pieces of reclaimed, distressed pine and beautifully crafted to give the much sought after industrial look of wide planks complete with your choice of colour and distressed varnished or hand waxed.
The benches which all come in double width as standard for better comfort, super stability and they look superb with their industrial look steel leg frames that are finished in the same way as the table, so if you want something that has character in bucket loads and shows distressing and signs of use and wear and will only improve the more you use it, then this one is for you. 
Slimmer 35-40mm Visible Table & Bench Top


       SIZE MM                      TABLE ONLY              1 BENCH             2 BENCHES


    900x1500x H790              € 800.00                     € 1000.00              € 1200.00

    900x1800x H790              € 900.00                     € 1100.00              € 1300.00

    900x2100x H790              € 1000.00                   € 1200.00              € 1400.00

Other sizes available on request

Chunky 60-65mm Visible Table & Bench Top

          SIZE MM                       TABLE ONLY              1 BENCH             2 BENCHES


        900x1500x H790              € 900.00                     € 1100.00              € 1300.00

        900x1800x H790              € 1000.00                   € 1200.00              € 1400.00

        900x2100x H790              € 1100.00                   € 1300.00              € 1500.00

Other sizes available on request.

Bench height in the mayo style is approx H 490mm