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Not only a beautiful piece just to look at but this unique stand will help to keep your gloves warm and dry for when you need them.

Ideal for the brave Openwater / River  / Lake / Sea swimmers who want a place to put your damp gloves and boots so they will be safe, warm and dry for when you need them next.

A solid antique Oak base cut from a reclaimed beam 150-200 years old and fitted with four individual copper pipes .

Place the base on top of your double radiator for maximum effect. The heat from the radiator will rise through the pipes heating the copper and allowing warm air to circulate which will help to dry and warm your items .

A great and unusual gift for yourself or somebody else.

Please take note that each piece is handmade and unique so the oak may differ in look from the pictures above.  

Handmade Oak & Copper Glove stand /Drier

  • That Reclaimed /Distressed timber can/will be marked, scratched, uneven, split, knoted, warped, showing nailholes, knot holes and generalworn areas through previous use.

    Distressed Reclaimed Furniture can show some or all of these signs, this is the nature and look of our style of reclaimed furniture and should only be puchased if happy with this look.

    The colour indicated is a guide only, as reclaimed timber can differ in its character, age and where it had been used and as such can affect the finished overall colour.

    If you are not sure we recommend that you visit us first to view the piece before purchasing.  

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