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Desks & Reclaimed Office Furniture

Handmade office furniture can take many shapes and sizes and every home is different, so below is an example of what we can do for you. Sizes are bespoke so are made to your requirements. We will advise and help you to design a functional and beautiful home office area whether you work from home argots can find a quiet area to study or just chill out and surf the web. Made from reclaimed timber your furniture will have style, class and character to make your workspace a pleasure to be in.

Westport Dropdown Desk


This desk is ideal for the homeworker or the student and will fit in the smallest of spaces but will give some organisation and a definite area in which to work and when finished it closes up into a neat and tidy wall mounted box.


Made from 25-30mm reclaimed distressed pine and fitted with a brass bureau hinge to keep the flap level and safe for your computer, tablet and paperwork . Additional sash ropes to add that extra detail and to and an extra layer of support to the lid. Fitted with a Peg & Hasp detailing which keeps the lid closed and can also be locked if required when not in use plus some additional magnetic catches for extra security. The Westport can be made in your specific dimensions to fit your individual space.

Sizes in mm                          Price

       L x H x D                          Euro (€) 


 800x450x175                      €350.00


 1000x500x175                     €400.00

 1200x500x200                     €450.00


This item can also be made to measure if required 

Limerick Style of Furniture


Limerick office furniture has been left with a less distressed and squarer edge for that more modern look.


A real piece of home office furniture, 2300mm long in 30mm reclaimed pine, the Limerick Office Storage Unit is a functional, modern statement piece. With pigeon holes for easy organisation of paperwork and ample storage for files and books. Use in conjunction with a desk and you're ready to get to work. This unit can be modified to be made to your own specification and needs.

Limerick Office Storage Unit with 15 Pigeon Holes


2300 L x 440 D x 720 H             €1250.00


Limerick Desk (Not Shown Below)

1200 L x 660 D x 720 H             €395.00

All the above Items can be made to order in your bespoke size.

Carlow Desk


A useful desk for that smaller area. At 1000mm long and 440mm wide this Carlow style desk is just enough for you and your computer to find your own space for study or work. 

In 30mm & 50mm reclaimed pine this desk is simple, functional and stylish and can be made as large or as small as you need. This desk can also be made in the Limerick style to match the unit above.

Carlow Desk

1000 L x 440 D x 720 H             €295.00

All the above Items can be made to order in your bespoke size.
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